West Jasper School District Unveils New Council Chamber


PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) – On Tuesday evening, the West Jasper School Board held an executive session.

Board members said it was to discuss several issues, but they did not say whether they were talking about the superintendent who is still on paid administrative leave.

The hot topic at tonight’s board meeting, however, was the newly renovated board room, which drew mixed feelings from the community as to how it turned out. product.

Some community members like Joyce Parker were unhappy with the renovations.

They believe that the money should have been used for the renovation of school buildings.

“Using the funds for a boardroom…using the funds for a boardroom is wrong,” Parker said. “You should have used the money for better education for the children.”

District maintenance manager Marc Avary said the project only cost the district about $5,000 of Sixteenth Section funds.

“We completed the project, as you see, the total cost was five thousand two hundred and seventy-one dollars,” Avery said. “We did it internally, our people did it.”

He says they saved a lot of money by doing the project this way instead of going with another plan that was drawn up months ago.

Jean Wheaton, the chairman of the board of directors, says he is satisfied with the changes made by the maintenance department.

She says they were needed to make room for all the people who attend board meetings.

“It’s for the public,” Wheaton said. “It’s up to the school to use their gap. You know, they can use it for whatever they need.

“It’s not just for the board. This is for the school district, period.

The recently renovated room can accommodate up to 32 people compared to the last room, which could only accommodate about ten.

Avary also talked about some of the other projects his department will be working on in the coming months.

“Bay Springs Elementary School, you see, we have the AC units, the teacher lounge, we’re going to finish that this year,” Avary said. “Bay Springs Elementary Library air conditioning units will be completed this summer. Bay Springs Auditorium, once June rolls around, I can start working on it.

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