West Campus High School tenet resigns and speaks out against racial attacks


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A former West Campus High School administrator spoke out in an exclusive interview with FOX40 Monday night.

Dr. Elysse Versher opened up about how the school district let her down and how she was the victim of racial slurs, flat tires, and countless attacks on her character.

Versher said working at West Campus was a traumatic experience for her, having had several stress-related outbursts.

“I was attacked, my family was attacked. We have been harassed, our lives have been turned upside down. And it should and could have been avoided had the district in 2019 taken my concerns seriously,” Versher said.

She said a relative had her tires punctured just weeks at work and nothing was done about it.

“I followed the right channel, the right command every step of the way,” she explained.

Versher said she hadn’t heard from the principal in weeks. When she contacted HR, they told her to contact the manager. At that point, she went to see Superintendent Aguilar, who she says did nothing either.

“Honestly, I just felt like a complete failure. I felt weak because I had a seizure and couldn’t go to work. I felt like I should have been strong enough to handle racism and sexual harassment,” she said.

Days after Versher’s resignation letter, the Sacramento City Unified School District released a statement.

“Dr. Versher filed complaints of racist acts directed at her during her employment and the District immediately initiated an investigation into those complaints. This investigation is nearly complete. At this point, out of respect for Dr. Versher and the process, the district will have no further comment until the investigator’s final report is released, which we expect to happen soon.

Sacramento City Unified School District

Dr Versher said his attorney will also be able to provide more information on the current status of the investigation on June 1.


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