Wagoner College Teacher Resigns Days After Allegations of Inappropriate Contact | New


Woodson was a STEM teacher at Wagoner Middle School and led strength and conditioning classes.

Justin ayer

A Wagoner Middle School STEM teacher and strength and conditioning trainer resigned from the Wagoner Public District after accusations he inappropriately touched two female students, according to one of the alleged victim’s relatives.

Jacob Woodson, a freshman at Wagoner Public Schools, is involved in the allegations, Superintendent Randy Harris said.

A student presented the allegations to WPS staff on the morning of Tuesday, October 19, and they immediately forwarded them to the school’s resource officer and the Wagoner Police Department for investigation, he said. he adds.

On Wednesday, October 20, Superintendent Randy Harris confirmed that Woodson had voluntarily resigned.

“Currently, all of these allegations are under investigation by the Wagoner Police Department, which will then decide what charges, if any, to lay in this case,” the superintendent published in a note to students, parents and Wagoner public school staff in October. 27.

The Wagoner County American – Tribune contacted Wagoner Police Chief Bob Haley, who said the case had become a tribal affair – and the FBI resumed investigation.

“We are not sitting idle at the moment, but we are not intervening. We let them do their job, ”said Harris.

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