Unalaska school district investigation “acquits superintendent” of moving expense dispute


The City of Unalaska School District said Superintendent Robbie Swint Jr. did not do any wrongdoing following a complaint by a former elementary school principal who left abruptly after a few months on the job .

It comes after the district released details on Tuesday of its investigation into an internal complaint filed by former manager LaVettra Clayton, who left the district last month after having been put on paid administrative leave.

Clayton filed a grievance against Swint at the end of August over reimbursement of moving expenses. She claimed that Swint – who joined the district this summer – committed fraud related to reimbursing his moving expenses. This is according to the district investigation report.

The district did not publish the director’s complaint. But according to a summary released by UCSD, the dispute centered on a disagreement over sharing the moving costs. Swint and Clayton had agreed to share a shipping container to move household items and a vehicle to the island, but they did not put their agreement to pay or reimburse shipping costs in writing, the findings said. .

The district law firm said it found that Swint never violated district policies or engaged in theft or fraudulent conduct. The Anchorage-based law firm declined to comment on KUCB.

As part of its investigation, the UCSD law firm interviewed Swint and the district business manager, Danielle Whittern. Lawyers also reviewed the written complaint, supporting documents and a record of a meeting between Swint, Clayton and Whittern. The company hasn’t spoken to Clayton.

A review of court records reveals that after being put on administrative leave, Clayton filed an August 30 petition for a protection against stalking order against Swint, describing the threatening behavior of his boss, the Superintendent. The petition was dismissed after she failed to appear in court.

Clayton agreed to drop all claims against the district in mid-September and resign in exchange for the remainder of his salary and benefits, which amount to $ 110,000. The school board also agreed to reimburse her up to $ 20,000 in moving expenses.

Contacted for comment off the island, Clayton says she is disappointed with the way things have turned out. But she says she wouldn’t say anything that disparages the school district.

The search for an administrator for the Unalaska elementary school continues. Earlier this month a retired special education teacher has been hired to run the school in the interim.

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