Tracy Elementary School is next on the list in the Millcreek School District Renovation Plan



As part of the $ 50 million plan to renovate all school buildings in the Millcreek School District, Tracy Elementary School is next on the list.

According to board officials, 30% of the buildings have been completed, but the newest 20-year-old building, Tracy Elementary School, is next as part of a plan to ensure all schools are up to date. plumbing and other requirements.

Millcreek School Board officials say further renovation of Tracy Elementary School will not begin until 2023.

This is part of the project that will renovate the 10 buildings in the neighborhood. So far, five buildings have been completed or are nearing completion.

“The infrastructure is outdated and starting to source parts, and we are increasingly prohibited from not renovating,” said Aaron O’Toole, director of finance and operations for the Millcreek Township School District.

O’Toole said the project started two years ago to meet the electrical, mechanical and plumbing needs of all buildings.

“It will have a new HVAC system, some plumbing, whatever is in the walls and then follow through and meet more cosmetic needs like rugs, paint, and cosmetic things that people see in the house. naked eye, ”O’Toole said.

Superintendent Dr Ian Roberts said that with the building renovations it could bring new possibilities for the school district.

“When we think about the current teacher and staff shortages, we profess all of our teachers or potential teachers that we have in the process of building. We are committed to updating them so that they also arrive in advanced locations, ”said Dr. Ian Roberts, Millcreek School District Superintendent.

If all goes as planned, Tracy Elementary School will begin renovations in 2023.

Dr Roberts is hoping the renovations might bring in new hires with their need for more substitute teachers.

More details will be released at next month’s meeting regarding the request for additional money.

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