Three arrested in connection with robbery at gunpoint at Covington College


Two adults and a minor were arrested on Saturday, accused of stealing a man’s car keys at gunpoint Friday night while he was playing basketball with friends at Covington Middle School.

Clark County Sheriff’s Deputies responded around 7 p.m. to the college, 11200 NE Rosewood Ave., for reports of theft. The victim described five suspects who then drove off in his car, according to a news release from the agency.

Deputies were unable to locate the suspects but watched surveillance video to help identify them.

Around 11 a.m. Saturday, Oregon State Police located the victim’s stolen car in Clackamas County, Oregon, where it crashed and the occupants fled, the statement said. hurry. The occupants could be seen getting into a red Hyundai sedan.

On the same day, Vancouver police officers announced by radio that they were behind a red Hyundai that was allegedly stolen in Oregon. Deputies responded to help, and the Hyundai pulled to a dead end in the Covington area without being pursued, the sheriff’s office said.

A deputy recognized two of the occupants as suspects in the theft and said they matched Oregon State Police surveillance video.

Two adults and a minor from the Hyundai were arrested and later arrested, the press release said. Deputies spotted two guns inside the car.

Nehemiah Rick Nimo, 19, of Portland, was taken to Clark County Jail on suspicion of first degree robbery, first degree assault, theft of a motor vehicle and possession of a vehicle motorized. He appeared in Clark County Superior Court Monday on the allegations, and his bail was set at $40,000. He is to be arrested on August 5.

Terrence Shane Taylor, 19, of Vancouver, was arrested on suspicion of taking a second-degree vehicle without a permit, but was due to be exonerated Monday afternoon in Clark County District Court.

A minor was incarcerated in the juvenile detention center on suspicion of first degree robbery, first degree assault and second degree taking a vehicle without authorization. He was due to appear in court on the allegations on Monday morning.

Detectives continue their investigation.


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