Threats at Rainier Elementary School prompt investigation | Local company


RAINIER – Officials at Rainier School are asking parents not to take to social media for information following threats at an elementary school.

In a letter to parents Tuesday night, Superintendent Joseph Hattrick said the district learned on Monday that two students at Hudson Park Elementary School had threatened to harm “a few students.”

“This matter was immediately brought to the attention of the administration and an investigation was opened,” he said, and the district also contacted the students who were targeted.

He said the matter was still under investigation and “we cannot release details of the incident, but can advise you that it is being dealt with promptly and appropriately.”

Hattrick said he understood parents wanted more specific information about the incident, but the district needed to maintain confidentiality.

“In the same way that you would not want information shared about your child, we cannot disclose that information,” he said, adding that although many people are turning to social media to share. information, “I would respectfully request that when problems involving students arise, please contact the building manager or myself via email.”

“We cannot engage in this type of investigation on social media out of respect for all and out of respect for due process. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any specific questions,” he said. .


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