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Handcuffs and fingerprints

TREMONTON — Police have arrested a third minor as part of their investigation into a series of threats that disrupted Bear River High School and several other schools in Box Elder County in mid-December.

Last week, detectives from the Tremonton-Garland Police Department arrested a teenager suspected of drawing a sketch on the wall of a high school restroom Dec. 10 of what appeared to be a handgun and the date of the 12/13/21.

“He’s the one who started it all,” Sgt. Police spokesman Brian Crockett said Friday.

He said the teenager was remanded to juvenile court, as were the first two suspects arrested the week of the threats. These first two cases were said to have been incidents of copying caused by the drawing, which created the initial fear.

Police search warrants, recently unsealed in 1st District Court, reveal additional details about the impersonation cases.

A warrant described a short video posted to social media that showed “a man holding a black handgun and saying, ‘Ready for school tomorrow?

The warrant authorized police to search the teenager’s home and any vehicle he used for cellphones, tablets, computers or other devices he used. They also searched for firearms, ammunition, explosive devices or materials used to make such devices.

The second warrant targeted the apartment and vehicle used by a 17-year-old student suspected of posting a message on social media that read, “I’m going to bomb the school tomorrow.” Items similar to those listed in the first warrant were searched for in the second.

Police said bomb-sniffing dogs found no evidence of explosives at the high school on Dec. 13 and no other risks were suspected after the arrests.

The standard examiner does not normally identify suspects of juvenile offenses unless they are charged in adult court. Further details on Box Elder’s three cases were not available because most juvenile court proceedings are shielded from public view.

Crockett said Friday that no further threats of violence have been made since the December incidents. Those threats were followed by some in other school districts, he said.

“It went through the state, kind of like COVID,” he said. “But we got through the Christmas holidays and got back to normal.”

Classes at the school were canceled on December 13 due to multiple threats. High School, Harris Intermediate School, Box Elder Middle School, and Garland, North Park, Fielding, McKinley and Century Elementary Schools were affected by the closure, with all classes moving online,


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