The Thermalito Union Elementary School Board voted unanimously tonight to pass a resolution on the COVID-19 vaccine


OROVILLE, CA – The Thermalito Union School District becomes the first Oroville school district to pass a resolution against the mandate to vaccinate students against COVID-19.

Several parents at this meeting said they don’t see why their children should be forced to get the vaccine and think it should be their own choice.

“This is where we draw the line, we’ve all been saying it for a year now. Once the vaccine warrant came out, that was our line, we weren’t going to take it anymore, ”said Ashton Southworth.

Many at the meeting said they were grateful that this was passed, but that there is still a long way to go to make a change.

“I really hope that more and more school boards coming together in this resolution will hopefully all agree not only here, but across Butte County and California in general. Let them go and vote so that we have the right to choose, ”said Renee Gramps.

Many parents say they will attend all area school board meetings to try to get more resolutions passed.

Parents at the meeting were primarily against the COVID-19 vaccine, as several parents told Action News Now that their children are fully immunized, but will not receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Well, regular vaccinations in the past we have a lot of knowledge and years of testing done where there is no testing that we have had except on I think about 2,000 kids that they have. have tested and it won’t have long term results, ”said Stacie Bickert.

According to Pfizer, they went through 3 phases to test their vaccine on children aged 5 to 11. They have tested more than 4,000 children and have had a 90.7% effectiveness rate against the symptoms of COVID-19. The CDC says people who have been vaccinated are 8 times less likely to be infected and 25 times less likely to die or end up in hospital than an unvaccinated person.

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