The East Grand School District plans to open a new elementary school in Granby next year

A sign outside the current Granby Elementary School is surrounded by trees, a bench and picnic tables.
Kyle McCabe/Sky-Hi News

The East Grand School District plans to begin construction of a new elementary school in Granby in the spring and open in August 2023. Colleen Kaneda of Dynamic Program Managementthe agent owner working on improvements to the bond program, provided an update on the project at the June 21 school board meeting.

Kaneda said construction of the new school was originally slated for the first phase of bond-funded improvements, along with renovations to East Grand Middle School and the Vocational Technical Building at Middle Park High School.

As work progressed at middle and high schools this summer, high costs and problems with securing contractors have delayed construction of new schools, school board chairman Ed Raegner said.

“Some of the comments we got from contractors were, ‘Hey, we really want to be on this project, but…your schedule is too aggressive,'” Raegner said. busy, so give us more time and you can get more deals.'”

The college and technical education building projects include roof repairs and HVAC upgrades, Raegner said. Kaneda said the college will see more cosmetic upgrades next summer. Fraser Valley High School and Elementary School will see improvements in phase two of the bond projects.

The new Granby Elementary will have a different design from its original plan. Kaneda said the high estimated construction cost for the original design led Dynamic to consider ways to save money without reducing square footage or student programs. The new design, which was the second choice in the original design process, moves the school up and makes it more linear.

“We’re not losing programs for students,” Kaneda said. “Students are still going to have the same experience in the spaces, but we’re going to be able to save on construction costs from a design perspective.”

Each grade level, from kindergarten to fifth grade, will have four classrooms in the new primary school, according to plans presented at the council meeting. The design also includes three pre-K classrooms, severe needs and special education classrooms, art and science rooms, a cafeteria and kitchen, counselor offices, and a gymnasium. Separate play areas for kindergarten and primary students and a playground will be outside the school.

Raegner said the district needs to replace Granby Elementary School because of the capacity of the building, which has been out of date for a few years, and its age.

“I’m 52 and there are friends of mine who say, ‘Oh, well, I went to school there,'” Raegner said. “And people older than me who say: ‘Oh yes, I graduated 100 years ago!'”


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