The Cleveland County Schools Committee will decide on the name of the elementary school


Cleveland County Schools will find a name for their new elementary school from the community.

During a business session in March, members of the Cleveland County Board of Education approved a nominating committee for the new elementary school it created when members voted to close Graham and Marion Elementary Schools in the end of this school year.

The school district already has a transition team that handles most aspects of the merger, but the school board has the final say on the school’s appointment. After some discussion, council members unanimously agreed that the name of the school should come from a separate committee, made up of parents and community members near the new school on South Post Road.

“This school is important to this committee, and (the name) should come from people separate from the transition committee,” said board member Phillip Glover. “Maybe some of the stakeholders in that area will have a little more insight than someone who lives on the west side of Shelby.”

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Board member Greg Taylor said he received questions about simply returning to Elizabeth Elementary School, the name of the elementary school in place before the middle school was established.

The board could choose to go with that name, but elected to see what suggestions come from the committee before deciding.

The newly formed primary school will open in August, so a name will likely be decided by then.

Since the decision was made to close the schools, administrators have moved quickly to prepare for the transition.

In March, the district asked teachers and staff to rank their choices of where they would like to work after the merger.

“We were able to mostly honor their first picks and if not that, their second pick,” said Jennifer Wampler, assistant superintendent of operational and human services at Cleveland County Schools.

Interviews have also begun for school administrators for the new elementary school. Superintendent of Schools Stephen Fisher said he has met with trustees of Marion, Graham and Shelby Intermediate and expects to have suggestions on who should lead the new school by the April council meeting.

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