Sunnyside Elementary: Fayetteville Elementary School switches to distance learning, citing jump in COVID cases


FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) – Sunnyside Elementary School in Fayetteville will be deprived of its students in person until Monday, October 18.

The move comes amid seven positive COVID-19 cases from the cluster’s latest dashboard and two students in quarantine.

“After looking at the numbers over the weekend, at the end of last week, and then at the start of the new week looking at the numbers at Sunnyside, the decision was made to want to move them to virtual learning. “said Lindsay Whitley, spokesperson for Cumberland County Schools. .

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Whitley said the district superintendent consulted with school administrators and health officials before making the decision; which was relayed to parents on Monday afternoon.

“It hit us so quickly,” said mum Angelica Pulley, who has two children who attend Sunnyside.

Pulley doesn’t mind having her kids at home as she works evenings. However, she understands that other parents do not have this privilege.

“When we had the virtual fill-up last year, I had about 10 kids in my house,” Pulley said. “But I was holding on. I was trying to help the parents because they had to work. Or they couldn’t leave their kids at home because they had to run an errand.”

Whitley said as of September 30, there were seven positive cases of COVID in Sunnyside and two students in quarantine. However, these figures represent the cases reported the previous week. It is therefore likely that the most recent figures made available by the health service showed higher cases.

“I don’t want to be virtual,” said Anthony Hargrove, Pulley’s sophomore son. “I want to be in Sunnyside because that’s where my school is!”

“I can’t wait for them to come back,” Pulley said.

Sunnyside Elementary will continue distance learning until Friday October 15 and return in person on October 18.

“I would rather be in school,” Hargrove said.

The school will also provide a free lunch for students during the physical campus closure.

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