Success for All Foundation honors Briggs Elementary School for ‘outstanding student achievement’


BALTIMORE and TAHLEQUAH, Okla., January 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Success for All Foundation (SFA), a program designed to help schools thrive and achieve high levels of student achievement, has awarded the first annual Dr. Robert Slavin Success for All Award to Briggs Elementary School, located in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

This award is given to a district or school that has achieved outstanding academic achievement through the Success for All program, which aims to support schools and teachers to ensure student success. Recipients also demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement, strong loyalty to program implementation, and a consistent focus on high achievement.

The award was presented to Briggs during the keynote address at the Success for All Experienced Sites Conference held at Orlando Florida.

“Briggs Elementary School has gone above and beyond in trying to bring its students up to reading level and has made progress toward that goal,” said Barb Haxby Brady, member of the board of directors of SFA and former vice-president of SFA.

“They started SFA in 2016 with 34% of their students in grade level reading and their staff had not received intensive targeted professional development in reading for several years. Their superintendent stephen haynes had a vision of success for his children and was able to get a grant to start SFA and has worked tirelessly ever since to achieve great success,” she said.

From March 2020, 85% of their students were reading at grade level. A marked increase from just 34% just four years ago,” said Haxby-Brady.

“They are relentless when it comes to student success. They embed the SFA framework of cooperative learning into every subject they teach, even music, life skills, and other electives,” he said. she declared. “Students know what it means to help, encourage and motivate each other to succeed.”

“At Briggs, tutoring is one of the most effective parts of Success for All. Leaders have hired additional reading teachers to reduce the size of reading groups and provide students with additional opportunities to Head teachers provide teachers with a full day once a month for staff meetings and learning opportunities.

Nancy Madden, Founder and CEO of SFA, said, “Briggs’ commitment to the implementation and high fidelity of the SFA cooperative learning program is what makes Briggs so special. Their phenomenal implementation is advanced and beyond what is expected, which is hard to do. are able to maintain the integrity of the core modules and know when to adopt them.”

“An indication of the depth of their thinking about what it means for children to grow up was their appreciation of the growth the children made in their ability to talk about their thought process, and their ability to support each other, and their language skills. Their language needs to grow for them to be good readers. They made an excellent commentary on how the children were open to criticism for growth. The children grade each person’s responses with sophistication and quality of each other’s response. Then they figure out how to improve together,” she said.

“They have it enough to adapt it to situations where they have their lesson plan. They want to use the cooperative process and they’ve learned to make those adaptations in an incredibly rich way. It supports language development and language skills. thinking of the children throughout It was fascinating to hear that the children insisted on this because they would go to history or math class and tell the teachers that we had to turn and talk now. “We had to think to really understand the content. Teachers heard that and built on that. It’s such a thoughtful and phenomenal implementation of research-proven tools,” she said.
“They are a great school.”

Main Kair Ridenhour said four ingredients were in the secret sauce that helped their students succeed and achieve their reading goal for all of their students:

  • Superintendent stephen haynes had the vision, got the funds to do the SFA program and led the councils support

  • Teachers who understood the vision

  • Their SFA coach who told them to focus on the laser light. They started offering weekly professional development to their teachers.

  • Last but not least, we had to change the mindset so that “all children can read”.

“This program is a structure, but we have the power to make it our own and make it fit our needs,” he said.

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