Substitute teacher fired from District Heights Elementary School over controversial tweets


Controversial comments from a Prince George’s County educator have landed her in hot water.

Upset people on social media identified this educator as Bianca Robinson. When FOX 5 asked the Prince George’s County Public Schools spokesperson about Robinson, we were told she was a substitute teacher who had been removed from the classroom at District Heights Elementary School.

The tweet that got the replacement in trouble appears to have been posted on Twitter last Thursday under the “@Mostly_hated” account.

It reads: “Black women raising boys, please stop letting your sons take on your feminine features! This is getting ridiculous!”

“I wouldn’t let her teach my kids, not with this type of behavior,” said Carlita Ballard, who first read the tweet on Monday.

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Joel Waits, who tells FOX 5 he was a former teacher’s aide, agreed with Ballard. He also told FOX 5, “Honestly, with a lot of the way teachers are, they teach like — they just don’t say it.”

“She could have said like putting them in men’s mentoring programs, things like that. But for her to come off and say something like that, it’s just excruciating,” Gabrielle Hill said.

Online, a number of comments defended Robinson – with some essentially claiming she was a victim of “cancel culture”.

“She’s not wrong, but y’all mad you blew her,” one person tweeted.

Those upset with the replacement also reported other questionable posts.

FOX 5 could not display these posts independently. Robinson’s Twitter account was listed as “private” Monday morning. However, various questionable messages seem to have been captured on the screen.

A clipped message, dated 8/31/22 (August 31, 2022), appears to read: “Third day of school and I made another kid cry. [Emoji] These 5th graders have never had a neighborhood teacher that I see. No one will speak to me in any way. I’ll round up a child quickly and respectfully and still make them cry.”

A clipped article, dated 5/11/22 (May 11, 2022), appears to read: “When teachers tell kids they’re going to end up in jail, it’s true! All tough kids I dated in high school with ended up in jail. So when I look at my students who think it’s cute to be bad, I just wonder how long it’s going to take them 4 to land in jail.

Another cut article, dated 2/14/22 (February 2, 2022), appears to read: “Kids need to be bullied! Bullying doesn’t just end with childhood, how will they be ready for a bullying adult?! that’s silly!”

Several other questionable posts were reported on Facebook. Prince George’s County Council Education Committee Chair Jolene Ivey used the words “homophobic” and “abuse” to describe some of what she read.

As a black mother of five black sons, this is a very important question for me. And I think we all have to be incensed if there are people who interact with our children, especially on a regular basis, who have these childish attitudes. It’s harmful,” Ivey said.

“It doesn’t matter what people say online. Built-in bigotry and disrespect among young people is never okay,” said Edward Burroughs III, another member of the Prince George’s County Education Committee. “After reviewing the posts, most of them disturbed me deeply.”

“She should be fired immediately,” Burroughs added.

FOX 5 tried several times but was unable to reach Robinson for a response in time for this report.

The PGCPS spokesperson said the matter was being treated by human resources as a confidential personal matter. PGCPS has not confirmed when the replacement was removed from the classroom and how long she has been with the school district.


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