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This week, students at Lone Oak Middle School will visit their new building on Bleich Street to acclimatize to their new educational building.

Sixth grade students reviewed their class schedules in the new building on Tuesday. The seventh students will follow on Wednesday and the eighth students will have their turn on Thursday.

The ultramodern two-story building will officially open on Tuesday. There will be no school for LOMS students on Monday, allowing teachers and staff to make last-minute adjustments to classrooms and the building.

Lyndsey Howard, a sixth-grade science teacher, explained how excited she was to move to a new building.

“It’s a bit like Disney World,” she said. “I couldn’t sleep last night, I was so excited to see him.

“I arrived earlier today and as a teacher you are learning to roll with the punches. Today (Tuesday) I said (to the students), “I probably know the school as well as you do right now, so we’ll learn together. “

Howard said her classroom is larger than the last one and has more high-tech tools for her students to use.

“We can have cooler experiences, we can expand more,” she said. “There are just more opportunities to get kids to love science as much as I do. “

Coye Elliott is in his third year as principal of Lone Oak Middle School and, now, the first principal of the new building.

“For the past two years, it seems like we’ve had nothing but bad news – not just in this area, but everywhere,” he said. “Being able to get here was a breath of fresh air.”

The opening was delayed due to construction issues including shipping issues and weather conditions. Although disappointed that the school did not open at the start of the New Year, Elliott said he was happy to be able to enter the new building.

“Basically in about two months we’ve had two school days open,” he said. “It’s a unique situation for us, but I’ll tell you this: if you had asked them two years ago that if we knew we were going to have to go through what we went through to get to a facility as pleasant as this. , would you have done it, I think 100% of them would have said, ‘Yes.’

On Tuesday, students in Brooke Ellegood’s sixth grade math class tour the Lone Oak Middle School library and media center, while librarian Deena Kendrick shows them where the amenities are.

“… Our thing has always been, ‘Anything worth waiting for is worth waiting for.’ Something so nice takes time. It was also built in the middle of a pandemic, so there are factors that went into ordering things, getting materials and that sort of thing. Again, something we’ve learned over the past couple of years is to roll with the punches and do our best. “

Other features include two small amphitheater-style seats outside the school for teachers wishing to take their lessons outside, a 21st century library and media center, and connections to science labs for the school. electronics and other laboratory needs.

Although the new college building is on the same street as Hendron-Lone Oak Elementary School, school district officials do not anticipate any traffic problems as the school operates on different hours.

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