Student brings gun to Eastern Heights College in Elyria



ELYRIA, Ohio (WOIO) – Schools in the town of Elyria confirmed that a student carried a gun to Eastern Heights Middle School on Friday, and although they showed their classmates during the day, this was not reported to staff until Monday.

The incident was also not reported over the weekend, Elyria City Schools said.

The principal of Eastern Heights learned of the incident Monday after a worried parent called, according to Elyria City Schools.

Elyria City Schools said the school’s resource manager and principal immediately investigated the incident after learning about it.

The following statement was shared by Elyria City Schools:

“Elyria Schools has and always will have an absolute zero tolerance policy for weapons in school buildings or on any school property. When staff receive information about a possible weapon, they immediately act on the situation and contact the police. to investigate. It is essential that students, parents and their families, and community members contact the school district and the police as soon as they receive information or advice about the presence of a weapon in school environments. . We urge parents to have meaningful conversations with their children about the importance of bringing these matters to the attention of school officials as soon as this happens. Students can discreetly and anonymously brief school staff of any concern or threat to the school. ”

Elyria City Schools noted that there are school resource officers in the schools every day.

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