Spartaburg School District 4 expected to nearly double in size


WOODRUFF, SC (FOX Carolina) — As the upstate’s population continues to grow, one school district could double in the next five years.

School District 4 in Spartanburg expects 5,000 homes to be developed, bringing an influx of students. 2,600 are currently in the development phase.

“Our schools are full,” said superintendent Dr William Liston. “Most of this growth is going to happen from Woodruff [to] North. »

He tells FOX Carolina that the student population is nearly 2,900 students. New developments could attract nearly 2,500 more students.

Almost doubled.

“The formula would be about one student for every two houses,” he said.

One solution on the table right now is building a new high school. The current location accommodates approximately 825 students, but a new facility could accommodate 1,800 students. Middle school students would move into the current high school building, maintaining grades 6 through 8. Years 4 and 5 would move into the current college building. Years 2 and 3 would remain in the elementary school. However, the 1st year would move to the main building.

Student shuffling would open up 50 additional classrooms for space.

The question you’re probably asking yourself is, how would a new school be paid for? A bond referendum.

Liston says it would be up to $100 million, “If the referendum is approved, then the first time we could be in the [new] school would be in the fall of 2025.

This would result in a property tax increase for homes in the neighborhood. One that is supposed to last about ten years.

“$10 a month on a $100,000 value,” according to Liston.

Citizens will be able to vote in the August 11 referendum.

If this does not pass, other options will be explored. No matter how much space the district has, students should always be accepted.

We asked if the district was considering using trailers, but the 30-plus-year-old education official is completely against the idea.

“The portable units, which aren’t pretty at all,” Liston said. “For several reasons.

His concerns are security, communication, team planning, weather, technology, and student movement on campus to and from the main building.

With more students, more teachers are needed. Currently there are 250-300.

In the classroom

Teachers deal with a lot of things in general when it comes to the profession. Different personalities, emotions and any other issues arise during the day.

Jami Guker is a Grade 7 teacher at Woodruff Middle School, a subject she has taught for 20 years.

“In that same classroom,” Guker said.

Teaching brings him a lot of joy. Being able to help students understand and think critically is rewarding. Setting an expectation is a mandatory task for the veteran teacher. Creating a routine, setting the standard from day one puts them on the right track.

“A lot of times they don’t really like coming to school, but I want to make school a fun place for them,” Guker said.

Teachers are aware of the growth to come, they are forced to adapt to rapid changes.

“I sit 28 students in my classes,” she said. “I’ve already started trying to be creative.”

However, she started the school year with 30 students but two of them moved away. Guker’s husband built two high tables for students to sit on during class.


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