Some parents upset with Hampshire High School ‘adaptive break’ due to COVID-19 outbreak



HAMPSHIRE, Illinois – Some parents are upset at Hampshire High School after the district informed them students will be returning to distance learning due to an outbreak of COVID-19.

At first it started as a rumor as students entered Hampshire High School at 7:30 am. Then, about an hour and a half later, District 300 emailed parents confirming that the Kane County Health Department had informed the school that they needed to institute a two-week “adaptive break”. .

There have been 37 positive cases of COVID-19 since September 28, officials said.

The school arranged for her reunion, which took place outside, on September 24. The high school has registered 71 cases so far this year – compared to Dundee Crown at 23 and Jacobs High School at 24, which are other schools in the district. .

“I was getting ready for work and my wife is screaming upstairs, we’re back at a distance and I’m like ‘oh, are you kidding me? “” said parent Grant Lentz.

At the Hampshire football game on Friday night, only immediate family members are allowed to attend, along with band and dance team members.

“Personally, I’m upset, obviously I’m his parent, we are their guardians,” said parent Dorthy Pastorelli. “For me it would have been one thing to send to school to say, ‘Hey, it happened last night, I want you to be prepared for this. “”

During the football match, all spectators must wear masks.

Students will return to class on October 25.

The district sent the following statement.

“The adaptive break at Hampshire High School aims to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 while allowing students to continue teaching remotely with their regular teachers and during their normal hours. District 300 will continue to work in partnership with the Kane County Health Department throughout the adjustment break to ensure that we maintain our single focus: the safety of our students and staff. “



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