Snapchat rumor postpones NC high school football game



A Snapchat threat rumor of a planned campus shootout prompted Mooresville High School to switch to distance learning on Friday and postpone its home football game.

The rumor prompted 39.4% of students at the school to stay home on Thursday, Mooresville Graded School District spokesperson Tanae McLean told the Charlotte Observer on Friday.

Mooresville School District

“Due to the investigation continuing today, we have decided that it would make more sense to have a virtual day where students who stayed home due to concerns would still be educated,” McLean said. in an email. “We have postponed the football game due to the switch to virtual.”

McLean informed parents late Wednesday that school officials received a screenshot of a Snapchat message that read, “Okay, apparently someone said they were going to shoot the school tomorrow at 10:30 am at mooresville high i am not going to bruh (expletive) dat school.

According to McLean’s message to parents at Mooresville High School, officials found “no evidence of the threat’s legitimacy” but “took it very seriously” and notified police.

In her message to district parents on Wednesday evening, she said, “We wanted to let all of our district parents know so that if you or your student sees or hear anything, you can let us or the police department know. Mooresville immediately. “

More police officers than usual were in high school Thursday “as a precaution,” McLean said.

McLean provided the Observer on Friday with a copy of the messages she sent Wednesday night to parents of high school students and parents of all students in the district and another message to parents on Thursday night.

In the late Thursday post, McLean said district officials expected a similar percentage of students to stay home on Friday.

On Facebook, the high school announced that officials were trying to reschedule the non-conference football game against Providence High School.

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