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WALDOBORO — The transfer of power between Medomak Youth Football and Regional School Unit 40 – as it relates to sport at Medomak Middle School – continued to move forward.

After the RSU 40 budget was passed in June, MYF officially transferred its college football program to MMS.

Additionally, MYF donated its college football equipment—estimated at around $13,000—to RSU 40 for use by the program.

“Obviously we’re excited,” said sporting director Matt Lash. “I would say that most people, myself included, and this district think it didn’t happen soon enough. Plans were for this transition to happen sooner, but we’re glad it’s complete now.

The program began in 2010 as Medomak Youth Football Club, but was not initially affiliated with Regional School Unit 40.

The program was then offered to students in kindergarten through eighth grade, with tackling football in the upper grades and flag football for the younger grades. In 2012, the program expanded to high school players, all of whom participated in the Greater New England Youth Football League.

In 2014, the program expanded to club status at Medomak Valley High School, as the team competed against junior varsity programs across the state. At this time, the high school age team transferred to RSU 40, while the younger classes continued to be run by MYF.

The high school team was approved as a varsity sport in 2018.

There were two major factors at work to complete the transition to college in recent months. The first to get school board approval, which was in April. The second obtaining the estimated budget to execute the approved program before the vote of the annual budget of RSU 40, which was approved in June.

Lash said college football “will be a great addition to programs to be included in the school’s athletic department and we’re excited about that.”

He added that RSU 40 – and the communities served by the school system – owe a debt of gratitude to Naomi and Fritz Miller, who have both been at the forefront of the movement to bring football to the region from the start. .

“I know Naomi has been the driving force and leader of the Medomak Youth Football program,” Lash said. “She has been very active in running the college league and it speaks to the level of commitment she has to the program. And without his and Fritz’s commitment over the years, the program wouldn’t be in the shape it is in now.

Lash said Naomi Miller’s work behind the scenes “has made and will continue to make the transition as smooth as possible.”

“They were ready for this transition to happen so that they could wind down their involvement,” Lash said. “They built the program, and now they can rest. They gave me football and [high school varsity] coach [Ryan] Snell and everyone else involved with the program and I hope we will do our part to continue to build and grow it.

Kindergarten through fifth grade will continue to be run by MYF.

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