Ridgefield School District Honors Employee and Students of the Month


RIDGEFIELD — On February 8, Ridgefield School District officials recognized Employee and Students of the Month for February 2022 at the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees.

February’s employee of the month is Deb Ortner. From day one, Deb has continued to rise to every challenge that has come her way, proving time and time again that the Ridgefield School District has a true rock star on its staff. Deb’s positive attitude is phenomenal and contagious. She spends her days serving staff and students and not a day goes by that she doesn’t lift people up.

Deb’s passion for children and teachers is irrepressible. She sees what needs to be done and mobilizes to make it happen. She is a pillar of knowledge and support for the Ridgefield School District. She is dedicated to the growth and enrichment of every teacher and staff member and works tirelessly to that end.

Deb advocates for educators at Ridgefield through the National Council cohort, supporting mentees and mentors, leading professional learning, and working alongside teachers in any way they need.

Whether it’s working with teachers on their TPEP submissions, creating another successful induction and convocation, or setting up professional development that the entire district can use, Deb’s presence in the school district of Ridgefield leads to better teaching – which means better learning.

The students of the month for February are: Sophia Sparland, student at the Early Learning Center. Second grade student at South Ridge Elementary School Penelope La Marr. First year at Union Ridge Elementary School Lucy Meade. Adair Garcia, a sixth-grade student at Sunset Ridge Middle School. Seventh grader at Wisdom Ridge Academy Johnathon Nove. Eighth grade student at View Ridge Middle School Behla James. And junior at Ridgefield High School Dillon Kirksey.


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