Racist Instagram post aimed at college students under investigation



The frequency of racist incidents in Utah schools is now an emergency, according to an activist responding to the latest act of racism spread on social media.

The Jordan School District is investigating an Instagram post with links to Sunset Ridge Middle School, but officials have yet to find the person who posted the post who pokes fun at a number of black college students in showing their faces with captions such as “shut up” re black. “

The account had over 100 followers and the account name used a derogatory term resembling the “N word”.

“It never stops, it seems to happen almost every day,” said Darlene McDonald of the Utah Black Roundtable. “It’s an emergency, we are in crisis mode now.”

McDonald calls on the governor and other heads of state to hold people to account who do so, adding: “I’d like to know how long it’s been allowed to exist before someone finds it and reports it – 107 subscribers , that’s a lot, that’s a lot for a racist page.

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A spokesperson for the Jordan School District called the post racist and said district leaders are now making sure every student in the photo feels safe and supported.

McDonald said she thinks these students feel traumatized, that her “heart goes out to them.” They are not safe, not supported.

She said honest conversations about the history of racism in this country would help put an end to these repeated racist acts.

McDonald added that it is incidents like this that evoke memories of Izzy Tichenor, a 10-year-old black girl who committed suicide after being bullied.

“We don’t want to bury another child in our community because of bullying, racism and racist attacks,” McDonald said.

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Here is the full statement Jordan School District provided to 2News:

The content of the Instagram page is upsetting, inappropriate, racist, and is not something we condone or condone in any way.

We immediately took steps to have the page deleted. Law enforcement has been put in place and has been repeatedly reported to Instagram by several people. The page has now been deleted by Instagram and we are continuing to investigate who was involved or responsible for the page. When those responsible are identified, we will work with law enforcement to hold them accountable.

Work is underway to ensure that every student identified in the photos feels safe and supported.

We take this very seriously and do not tolerate racism or cyberbullying in any form.

This is not the typical climate and culture of Sunset Ridge Middle School.

We are committed to equity, inclusion and safety for every student.

Anyone with information that can help identify those responsible for the page can contact West Jordan Police (there is a case number) or call the district reporting line at 801-567-8330.



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