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NORFOLK – The Norwood-Norfolk Central School District has received nine applications to replace the now retired high school principal, and they will need to do another search later in the school year to replace their elementary school principal, who also announced his retirement.

At their last meeting, the district school board approved the retirement of elementary school principal Rebecca Kingsley, effective March 13. They had previously approved Robin Fetter’s retirement as high school principal in a special meeting in August.

Ms Kingsley succeeded as primary school principal from Joanne Bigwarfe, who passed away in May 2012. She was honored for 10 years of district service in September 2019.

“She will be here most of the year,” said Superintendent James Cruikshank. “Becky has been here for many years and has left her mark on the District, and is possibly one of the most caring managers I have ever worked with. She really put her mark on Norwood-Norfolk. She did a great job for us. We really wish him the best.

At its last meeting, the Board of Directors also approved the appointment of Sue Bouchey as Interim High School Principal, retroactive to September 2, 2021, at a per diem rate of $ 525. She replaced Ms Fetter, who announced her retirement at the start of the school year.

The board had previously approved Ms Fetter’s resignation for retirement, effective Nov. 25, along with a request for family medical leave from around Aug. 19 to Nov. 25.

Ms. Fetter had spent more than two decades in a leadership role in high school. She was recognized for 20 years of district service in September 2019.

“She has done a lot of positive things for the district. Academic performance increased during his time here. The referrals of incidents over the past seven or eight years have declined dramatically. Principal Fetter has also built a faculty worthy of our praise and admiration. She left an indelible mark on the district, ”said Mr. Cruikshank.

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