Potential Evart Middle School cheer squad gaining momentum


EVART – At the last meeting of the Evart Public Schools Board on August 8, an exciting opportunity for students was teased.

Evart’s cheering program has been successful at his high school for years and now an alumnus aims to give middle school students in the district the chance to cheer.

After 32 years, Evart High School competitive coach Martha Pattee officially ended her career with the conclusion of the 2021-22 season.

Taking the reins of the team for the new season will be Taylor Bryant, a familiar face with the Evart incentive program.

Bryant aims to expand the program by building a team at the college and discussed his goals at the Aug. 8 board meeting.

“What I’ve noticed is that we only have a few freshmen who come in often,” Bryand said. “What I would like to do is start building them over the two seasons, because we have a lot of girls who maybe just cheer, and they spend their fall season doing nothing. “

Late last year, Bryant posted a sign-up sheet to see how many students were interested in a middle school cheer squad and had enough responses to eventually warrant a squad.

The goal of starting early, according to Bryant, would be to learn skills developed earlier.

“I think that would be huge to move the program forward,” Bryant said. “So instead of sitting around and doing nothing during the fall, they could at least develop their skills. The goal is to get this program back to national finals and build on the gymnastics that we do. That way, when they get to high school, we don’t waste time doing the basics all the time.

“I would love to see it kick off and get them excited and involved in the school,” she added. “We want to excite more people on the sidelines, it’s not like in your face. Competitive cheering is where they need to go out and perform a routine. They learn, they have fun and I think we could really build a program that way.

The board did not vote on formally approving the proposal, but several members agreed the opportunity would be good for students.

Bryant said she plans to continue working on building the team and involving more students in the incentive program.


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