Perry Middle School Donates to Cancer Research | New


Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD announced Monday that Perry Middle School has raised $ 5,000 to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The money comes from the school’s Coins for Cancer fundraiser.

Councilor Erin Felker said the school launched its Coins for Cancer campaign in 2016 because we had a student on campus who was battling cancer.

She said the student’s classmates rallied around her and wanted to show their support.

“We wanted to do something with Perry to show him the same love,” Felker said. “We started the Coins for Cancer campaign to give her family the support they need. We did it again the following year. This is the year she passed away. It was just as we were making our journey.

The proceeds that year went to the student’s funeral expenses.

Since then, Felker said the school has donated its proceeds to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, where the money is used for research and treatment for families struggling with cancer.

The school also collected about 1,200 empty aluminum cans in September to raise funds for the American Heart Association.

The college green team led the collection of the cans. So far this year, through the can drive, students and staff have raised nearly $ 100. Over the past three years, they have raised over $ 1,200.

Christina Carr, Green Team sponsor and grade eight history teacher, partnered with grade six teacher Fatima Mohammad to make can-collecting a campus-wide effort.

Mohammad started collecting canisters three years ago at the staff level where cans were later donated to raise funds for his students to participate in the district’s annual Hoops for Heart event. Carr said that with the cancellation of Hoops for Heart due to COVID-19, the focus has shifted to fundraising for the American Heart Association.

Fundraising efforts have created school-level competitions for the highest number of cans collected monthly.

In addition to picking up cans, Perry Middle School also set up a clothing donation box for community members to drop off clothes, shoes, toys and bedding in the parking lot behind the building. of the central administration of the CFBISD.

Carr said the donated items are being kept out of landfills and managed by Recycling for Hope. Recycling for Hope donates money to the school’s parent-teacher association, which is used to provide items for students in programs like fine arts and athletics. The money is also used to help with teacher grants and graduate scholarships.


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