Parleys Primary School COVID figures were incorrect, district and health department say


According to Summit County Director of Health Phil Bondurant, the positive numbers at Parleys were found to be incorrect because the school used a definition of “positive” that differed from what the Department of Health of the ‘Utah uses as a legal definition.

“By definition of the state’s emergency response around COVID, by definition a case of COVID is a case that has been laboratory confirmed,” Bondurant said, “and school cases considered to be a laboratory confirmed case and that were in schools within 48 hours of that laboratory confirmation. There was a mix in how cases were counted at school and how they were uploaded with respect to the definition. “

A review by county and state officials on Thursday determined that Parleys counted cases that weren’t confirmed, was based on home tests that aren’t as accurate as PCR tests, counted students who were not on campus when ill, and other categories that fell outside the state’s definition.

Bondurant said talks moving so close to the 2% threshold this week and triggering further scrutiny are what uncovered the reporting issues.

The gap appears to have happened since starting school, although Superintendent Jill Gildea has not confirmed it.

Gildea said by email that the wrong numbers were entered into HealthAttend by the school nurse. HealthAttend is a local startup and contracts with the district as an aggregator, posting COVID numbers for school sites.

Gildea said HealthAttend was working as expected at Parleys and would have no way of knowing if the data it was sharing was accurate or state-compliant, as it only displayed entries provided by schools. She added that the HealthAttend dashboards on school websites should only serve as a barometer and indicator of general trends, not a precise or complete tally.

Shannon Corcoran, the school nurse at Parleys, co-founded HealthAttend with Parkite Matt Tunney. She did not immediately return a request for comment.

District-wide, schools today received new guidance from the county health department on what constitutes an official case of COVID in a school.

“I understand that people are going back to winter and people are sensitive to it,” Bondurant said. “I have my own kids, I’m sensitive to that as well. We’re still in a really good place. And I think the emphasis needs to be on that we still need to quarantine we still need to do these. things when investigators ask us and nothing has ever been done with the intention of being misleading or to avoid implementing a mass warrant. “

Gildea stressed on Friday that even though parliaments and other campuses remain below 2% thresholds for now, COVID in schools is currently on the rise, and families should follow established health precautions and protocols, keep students sick. at home and if COVID symptoms are present to be tested using a valid system that reports directly to the health department.


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