Parents protest planned closure of Warren Lane Primary School in Inglewood

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) – Parents and grandparents of children who attend and attended Warren Lane Elementary School in Inglewood are fighting like mad about the impending school closure.

Located in a popular area, the school, which was once called Daniel Freeman, is where generations of parents have taken their children.

As new residents move in, they want to keep it open for their children.

“All of these people live here,” said Taj Powell, a relative who lives nearby. “This school is literally a block from my house, so it’s also important to give this school a chance.”

“The community isn’t going to put up with it. We just aren’t going to put up with it,” mother Cheryl Matthews said. “We need to make sure people at all levels are made aware, and not just in our city. It’s happening in other cities in California.”

Due to financial problems, the Inglewood Unified School District has been in receivership and state-run for 10 years. Bond measures have been adopted to help. The district reportedly said declining enrollment is the reason the school is closed.

Warren Lane was adopted by the Los Angeles Rams; former quarterback Jared Goff helped raise money to improve the library.

Parent Tina McKinnor told Eyewitness News, “It’s important that this community has great public schools for the kids. If we start closing schools, where do the kids have to go?”

Parents who attended Friday’s protest said they knew that since the district was in receivership, they were left with one option to reverse the district’s decision: go straight to Sacramento and convince the state superintendent. to keep primary school open.

In response to ABC7’s request for comment, LA County Schools Superintendent Debra Duardo and County Administrator Erika F. Torres released a statement:

“We certainly understand and understand how difficult school closures can be for community members. As enrollment declines and we have fewer children in our schools, we need to allocate our resources so that they can serve the greatest number of children in the most impactful way possible Our resources are based on the number of children we serve, and when we have fewer children enrolled in school, we have fewer resources We want to maximize the opportunities we provide for each child.

“Inglewood Unified is not alone in facing tough school closures. California districts are facing tough decisions to close schools as the state experiences declining birth rates and a population In 2020, the Public Policy Institute of California projected a 7% decline in enrollment over the next 10 years.The pandemic has only exacerbated the loss of enrollment in schools.

“Inglewood Unified has already grown from 12,119 students in 2013 to 7,627 in 2022. It is expected to drop further to 6,781 students by the 2024 school year. School closures and consolidations are extremely difficult decisions, but it’s important to remember that the goal is to support every child in Inglewood Unified.”

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