Parents learn new home they bought specifically for the school district is out of bounds



By Russell Kinsaul

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WENTZVILLE, Missouri (KMOV) – For many families with young children, when they move to a new location, finding a new home in a good school district is the top priority.

When Nick Pash, his wife and three children moved from Georgia to the St. Louis area, they wanted to find a home in a good school district. And in a good school district, they wanted their kids to go to highly rated schools.

“We were looking and were very picky at high-rated schools,” Pash said.

“This is a high priority for a lot of people with school-aged children,” said Laura Wehnes, Pash’s real estate agent at Keller Williams Realty.

Wehnes said she found several homes the Pash family could choose from, but the one she chose was in the Wentzville school district. The MLS (Multiple Listing Services) fact sheet on the house showed that it was within the confines of Duello Elementary School, a popular elementary school. Pash said he wanted to be sure his daughter could attend Duello Elementary School, so he rechecked a few other sources and even called the school and an employee confirmed his house was within school boundaries. , so he finalized the purchase of their new home.

A month later, when he enrolled his daughter in Duello Elementary School, he said no one had mentioned any problems. But the next day someone from the school called and said Pash’s new house was actually on the edge of Stone Creek Elementary School. The ride from Pash’s new house to Duello Elementary is only 3 minutes. He will drive past the school in 8 minutes to take his daughter to Stone Creek Elementary School. He wants the district to correct his mistake.

“All they have to do is take a higher road and say we’re going to make an exception. We made a mistake and your child can go to a school closer to us, ”he said.

Pash contacted the administrative offices of the Wentzville School District and was finally able to speak with the superintendent, Dr. Curtis Cain. He said Cain apologized for a school employee falsely confirming that the house was within the Duello boundary. But Pash said the superintendent refused to let his daughter attend the school closest to their home.

News 4 contacted the Wentzville School District to ask why it couldn’t make an exception in this case. No one was available for an interview and the district did not issue a statement answering our question. But a spokesperson pointed to the district boundary locator tool and said any parent’s questions about the boundaries can be directed to the administrative services department.

“And I said, how is that possible? I called you a month before that and you confirmed that my address is in your school.

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