Parents Fight Against Proposed Carolina Park Elementary School Rezoning


MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCBD) – Hundreds of parents in the Carolina Park community have spoken to leaders of the Charleston County School District (CCSD) against a proposed rezoning of Carolina Park Elementary School.

CCSD leaders have yet to decide what they are doing for the school’s future, but more than 1,100 people have signed a petition against rezoning that would place dozens of students in nearby elementary schools. .

“They know that when they sign up to live in Carolina Park, they’re committing to be a coyote for life,” says Jonathan Mars, a parent.

The SDCC Board of Directors and the District 2 (D2) Constituent Council have heard from many parents that they want the community to stay together. The district expects the school to be overcrowded for years to come.

“There seems to be a bit of friction between the constituent council and the county. The board doesn’t seem to agree with the county’s projections,” says Ed Kelley, a parent.

Parents fear dividing the community, increasing traffic and preventing many students from walking or cycling to school. These concerns were addressed by CCSD leaders.

“We hope you will take this into consideration as we move forward to let the CPE remain as it is,” said the Reverend Dr. Eric Mack, chair of the CCDS board of directors.

Members of the D2 constituent council say they want district funding to expand the school in the future.

“I understand you’re going to say ‘hey, that wasn’t funded.’ That doesn’t mean it won’t get funded, you can’t guarantee it will get funded, but all the other projects have been funded,” said Pamela Jouan-Goldman, Chair of D2’s Board of Directors.

As council members decide what’s next for the school, parents say they just want their children to be able to attend their neighborhood school.

“We don’t think it’s acceptable to reject children who live closest to school, far from it,” Mars says.

D2’s constituent council says it wants to wait a year or two to review pupil numbers before deciding what to do next for the school.


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