Parent concerned about construction, safety of students at Odessa middle school



Construction is underway at Bowie Middle School and a parent is concerned for the safety of some students.

ODESSA, Texas – Big machinery and construction going on at Bowie Middle School worry some relatives and neighbors.

“There was a heavy machinery front loader loading dirt and a child was walking behind it as it was backing up, and the child was almost run over by the front loader,” said Ezekiel Anderson, parent of a student who attends school.

Anderson also lives right next to the pitch and said he saw a football player almost get hit by one of these machines.

“One of the kids that I saw, I saw him almost get run over and the coaches never said anything like ‘watch out, run faster’, they just let him walk behind that. piece of equipment, ”Anderson said.

Anderson said construction started before the school year and initially didn’t worry about it.

“It wasn’t much of a problem until the football team started training alongside the construction going on when there was heavy machinery moving on the pitch,” said Anderson.

Another neighbor who lives near the school has also seen similar cases on his security camera.

Anderson contacted OSHA, law enforcement and the school district.

“I would ask them to definitely treat our children like they are their children and to stop putting them in danger like that,” Anderson said.

ECISD said it was not aware of any incidents where a student was nearly struck by heavy machinery.



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