ONLY OF 5: Medford School District Board Members Visit New College Construction Site



MEDFORD, Oregon- On Monday afternoon, the Medford School Board visited the construction site of the new Oakdale Middle School. The historic site is in the midst of a major renovation to make it safe and beneficial for students, and only NBC5 News was on hand to take a look.

The job isn’t just about updating areas that are almost 90 years old, it’s also about upgrading things. About $ 18 million alone is spent on invisible changes, such as securing the structure against the earthquake and upgrading parts of the school for ADA accessibility.

“The scope of the work is to reconfigure it to suit the college footprint. So there is some restructuring of the facility, the vast majority is just to bring it up to code and bring it up to life safety standards for seismic events, ”said project manager Ron Havniear . “We are looking forward to it. It has been a long time coming. This is a great example of the ability of many people in the community to come together and fund this project. He says the project will go beyond campus and impact the neighborhood as a whole.

Along with the improvements, the location also sports a new name. The title “Oakdale” seemed an easy choice for the board, given the history of the campus.

“The Oakdale School is located in Historic Medford, the historic Oakdale neighborhood, making it a great name to move forward and move forward. It was really perfect, ”explained board chair Suzanne Messer. She adds that the changes made for earthquake prevention will make the school “an immediate place of first aid and intervention” for the community. The school will also feature a memorial garden to recognize the stories of military families in the district.

Part of the work in school also includes conservation. The neighborhood hopes to remove and retain original parquet flooring in the sports hall, that is to say at least before the 1950s. They are also working to preserve the exterior appearance of the historic windows while improving their function at the same time. inside.

As the nails are hammered in and the foundation re-poured, the next steps will be to create redistribution maps and find a principal for the school, then decide on fun things like school colors and a mascot.

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