Oklahoma County prosecutors to file criminal charges against 2 deprived high school students


Two students at Mount Saint Mary Catholic High School are facing sexual battery charges.

The charges followed a police investigation stemming from a police report filed in January by an MSM student.

“I have approved sexual assault charges against two minors,” Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater told News 9 on Friday.

The identities and court records of the victim or suspects are not public records as they are all minors.

According to the police report, the female victim claimed to have been sexually harassed and groped “numerous” times over several years.

The two suspects, both male, were part of a group that “regularly harassed” her by grabbing different parts of her body.

“We are very pleased that the prosecutor’s office is pursuing the charges and that the young woman’s voice is being heard after she has been silenced for so long,” Bussett said. “We hope this will give other victims the courage and confidence to reach out to the authorities.”

Last year, an internal school investigation found that MSM administrators “failed to act in response to allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault by students against other students,” according to the report. Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, a sponsor of the school.

Longtime director Talita DiNegri resigned in December following the investigation. Vice-Principal Whitney Faires and Councilor Mallory Tecmire resigned earlier this month.

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Acting principal Dr Diane Floyd said the school learned of the charges yesterday.

“While we don’t know the details of the charges, we will cooperate with law enforcement and support their efforts,” Floyd said in a statement. “Working with law enforcement underscores our commitment to ensuring our students have a safe learning environment.”


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