NOVA High School Basketball: Concorde District Playoffs, first round | WDVM25 and DCW50


NORTHERN VIRGINIA (WDVM) – The playoffs are officially underway! Two clashes in the first round of the Concorde district in girls and boys, with a chance to advance to the semifinals on Wednesday.

#5 Westfield at #4 Centerville (women’s basketball)

Two rival schools facing each other in the first round are just the icing on the cake! The Bulldogs put on a strong performance beating the Wildcats 38-25. Westfield will now have a date with two-time state champions Madison on Wednesday.

#6 Chantilly at #3 South Lakes (Women’s Basketball)

The Seahawks finished the regular season strong and carried that momentum into the playoffs. South Lakes advances to the semifinals, beating Chantilly 51-41, setting up an intriguing game against No. 2 Oakton.

#6 Chantilly to #3 Westfield (men’s basketball)

Dominant and indispensable performance by the Bulldogs at home, beating Chantilly 64-48. Westfield advances to Wednesday’s semifinals against #2 Madison.

#5 Oakton at #4 Centerville (men’s basketball)

Don’t let the seeds fool you. Centerville is 11-10 this season, compared to Oakton’s 5-15 record. However, the Cougars fought back, leading the Wildcats heading into the 4th quarter, but couldn’t hold on, as Centerville won 45-42.

District Concorde semi-final matches:

#5 Centerville to #1 Madison (girls)

#3 South Lakes at #2 Oakton (girls)

#4 Centerville and #1 South Lakes (Boys)

#3 Westfield to #2 Madison (boys)


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