New Space for Learning: Eagle Valley Middle School Gets New Addition for Classrooms, STEM Labs and More | Carson City Nevada News


The extraordinary Albert Einstein said, “Education is not learning facts, but training the mind to think.

Starting this school year, students at Eagle Valley Middle School will have new classrooms and educational spaces to help shape their young minds.

“As the parent of an 8th grader starting here at Eagle Valley Middle School, I am very excited to know what opportunities he will have here,” said Carson City School District Superintendent Andrew Feuling.

With continued growth within the community, the Carson City School District wanted to create an equal population at both Carson Middle School and Eagle Valley Middle School. With the new addition, Eagle Valley Middle School can now accommodate more students for years to come.

After 13 months of construction and facing more than one setback along the way, Eagle Valley Middle School has added more than 23,000 square feet of two-level addition to its campus.

The addition includes 12 new classrooms, two STEM labs, an office, workspace, restrooms and storage areas, as well as new outdoor learning areas.

Future plans for the college include adding a greenhouse to the new addition.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said school counselor Stacie Wilke-McCulloch. “As a district, we’ve worked really hard to (add more) STEM and align a lot of the curriculum with what’s happening in the real world. I think we’ve done an amazing job with that.”

The new addition is on the south side of the school with a view of the valley that most students have not been able to see before.

“With these new classrooms, it showcases this beautiful valley; I hope it gives students inspiration to learn,” said Lee Conly, Principal of Eagle Valley.

With the project budgeted at approximately $14 million, the Carson City School District hired Core Construction as the contractor manager to begin construction of the new addition.

“For us to be a part of this project and to entrust it to the students and the Carson community is special to us; we appreciate it,” said Travis Coombs, vice president of their northern Nevada operations.

Coombs and his team will be on hand the first day of school to help celebrate with staff and students.

After the grand opening, many expressed how excited they were to start the first day of school and see the expressions of the students as they walked through the doors.

“My son is very excited about this new addition,” Feuling said. “His sister is going to start 6th grade, and he made it clear to her that she was not allowed to come to that part of the building.”

The first day of school is scheduled for August 15 in Carson City, and Eagle Valley Middle School plans to hold a community event in September for those who want to get out and celebrate the new addition.


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