New High School, NBHS and Primary School among New Braunfels ISD Approved Projects | Community alert



Braunfels’ new independent school district will soon begin planning for the construction of two secondary schools, a new primary and more after voters passed two of the district’s three bond proposals on Tuesday night worth 327.9 millions of dollars

“It was a global bond that will have a positive impact on every student,” said NBSI Superintendent Cade Smith. “The funded projects include schools and facilities that will be used by future generations. We are very grateful to the community members who made this connection and to those who came to participate in the voting process. “

Proposal A designates $ 321.3 million for construction projects and bus and district fleets.

There are three big projects: Long Creek High School, New Braunfels High School and an 11th primary school in Veramendi.

Voters also approved Proposal C, which will designate $ 6,600,000 in funding for district-wide technology upgrades. It will be paid off with short term bonds.

Proposal B to build the future Long Creek Stadium and modernize the New Braunfels High School press room failed.

The new stadium at Braunfels High School will remain an “auxiliary stadium to meet the needs of the campus and the districts,” said IBIND Deputy Superintendent of Finance and Operations Clint McLain.

“The NBISD will continue to work with the community and parents to assess the stadium’s future plans and needs,” McLain said in an email. “The district will meet the needs of the Unicorn Stadium press box because the district is financially able to do so. “

Long stream

High school

The bond designates $ 121,980,000 in funds to convert the current ninth grade center to Long Creek High School, the district’s second high school.

In August, students at the ninth grade center began moving to the old New Braunfels Middle School building on Klein Meadow, which will remain a ninth grade center until the conversion to a new high school begins.

The ninth grade center will begin the transition to the new four-year high school, Long Creek High School, in 2024-2025.

Long Creek High School is slated for completion around 2026, according to an engineering firm.

“Additions will be added at both ends of the building,” McLain said. “At one end will be the vocational and technical education facilities as well as gymnasiums. On the other side, classroom space will be added as well as fine arts facilities including an auditorium. The current building will also be refreshed to match the new additions. Facilities will also be added on site for extracurricular needs.

New Brunswick

High school

The bond designates $ 102,772,000 for Phase I of the NBHS on-site campus replacement.

Design work will begin in mid-2022 with a first shovelful of soil in 2023.

It is expected to end in time for fall 2026, district officials said.

This phase includes new facilities such as a new auditorium, gymnasiums, a performing arts and turf area on the baseball and softball field.

During the meetings, the board discussed another requirement for phase II at one point, but nothing is defined.

The NBISD board plans to begin Phase II in 2024 or 2025, district officials said.

Phase II would likely be completed around fall 2028, according to the Online Facilities Planning Committee’s blueprint, but timelines are only estimates at this time.

The district will build a three-level structure to house the auditorium, athletics, commons, kitchen, music hall, dance and choir. It will also add parking spaces.

ROTC will be moved temporarily during phase I and possibly also moved behind the high school with an oil rig.

New tennis courts will be built on Ohio Avenue adjacent to the existing parking lot near the existing tennis courts. as well as a new parking lot will be built behind the high school on the side of the loop.

There will also be sod installation on the softball and baseball fields.

Phase II of this reconstruction would require the passage of another obligation. It would construct a three-story building to house classrooms, administrative offices, life skills, a common space and CTE areas.

As the construction of this second building progresses, the areas demolished in Phase I would provide temporary parking.

A library would link the new building constructed in Phase I to this building. The old high school would then be completely demolished for a parking lot and a training ground.

Primary schools

The bond designates $ 42,000,000 to build a second Veramendi Elementary School.

It would be the 11th primary school in the district and construction timelines are tentative.

The bond funds are also intended for school buses, improving playgrounds in most elementary schools and increasing classroom capacity at two elementary schools, Klein Road and Voss Farms.

Additions to Voss Farms and Klein Road Elementary Schools total $ 7,560,000.

Voss Farms would increase the capacity from 750 students to around 900 to 950 students.

Klein Road Elementary would increase capacity from 725 students to 900 students to keep up with growth projections beyond 2030.

Carl Schurz Primary School will be vacated as these students move into the new primary school, which is under construction and is expected to open in fall 2023.

Once vacated, the campus will be home to student programs such as the DAEP (Disciplinary Alternative Education Program), School of Choice, and Gateway Transition programs.



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