New Bloomfield hosts second PIE night at elementary school



NEW BLOOMFIELD – The kids were hungry Wednesday night at New Bloomfield Elementary.

For the pie, of course, but also for learning since New Bloomfield R-III organized its second PIE night for children and parents in the community.

The Partners In Education events added to the district’s calendar this year allow the community to come together quarterly and see the exciting things New Bloomfield is teaching during the school year.

Standing next to a table with a mountain of boxed apple pies, Superintendent Sarah Wisdom said these PIE nights have been important in reconnecting people after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world.

“We were really looking for ways to engage our community after COVID,” Wisdom said. “We weren’t really able to have people in the buildings so we missed that. I think our comments from our parents say they missed that as well. We really just wanted to be able to show what we ‘do.

The fact that the theme for this term’s PIE night was “Polar Express” reinforced the renewed unity as Christmas music, lights and images were adorned on the walls and teachers of the elementary school. The different stations visited by the children and their guardians also brought a lively element even if the outside temperatures were not at the usual winter levels.

Stacks of sugar cubes were set up in some rooms for kids to build igloos, while other areas had tables with marshmallows and toothpicks that could be turned into snowflakes. The teachers overseeing the debates walked around to help wherever it was needed and let their imaginations run wild.

Wisdom said that while this term’s event was all about learning in elementary school, the first in October looked at science, experiences and everything in middle and high school.

“People who build igloos from lumps of sugar are really incorporating math,” Wisdom said. “In the one before, they did experiments, so it was hands-on learning. They’ve got to make a name for themselves out of DNA and stuff like that.

Wisdom said she had heard about the idea of ​​another district that held events with the same acronym and had the same goals of showcasing and deepening learning. She said it might not have been exactly structured the way New Bloomfield has them now, but it was a fun idea the district could easily embrace and an excuse for gifting a pie.

The practical nature of these PIE evenings seemed tailor-made for a community that “always wanted to be involved,” Wisdom said.

This identity was manifested through participation in the first two events, Wisdom said, as there were fewer people at the first but was so “well received” that around 300 people reserved a seat for the event. Wednesday.

As the children left the building with pies, plastic bagged ice creams and other keepsakes, Wisdom said she looked forward to the other two PIE evenings the district has planned for this year. school and hopes New Bloomfield can donate four more each year. .

“I encourage people to come as often as possible,” Wisdom said. “We will have two more: one in February and one in the spring. In February we will have one that will showcase our preschool and our new Parents as Teachers program. In the spring, we will be showcasing our outdoor classrooms and our walking path.



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