Mt. Pisgah Elementary School could be transformed


The former Mt. Pisgah Elementary was consolidated in October with two other schools forming North Central Elementary.

KERSHAW COUNTY, SC – Kershaw County Council will vote Tuesday night on the July 2022-June 2023 budget.

One item in the budget is to use a portion of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) totaling $300,000 to turn Mt. Pisgah Elementary School into a community center.

The school was consolidated with Bethune Elementary and Baron-Dekalb to form what is now North Central Elementary, which left this area with an empty building.

Tom Gardner, Kershaw County Councilman for District 6, said, “Old Mt. Pisgah School has been here for ninety-eight years in this community, it means a lot, and it’s all about the fact that it is very rural around the churches and this school.”

Councilman Gardner says it’s an idea that occurred to him months ago that won’t cost the taxpayers anything: “It’s ARPA’s pleasure that we’re setting up three hundred thousand and, basically, it’s a hundred for the renovations, then two years of running the money, and then we’ll start a nonprofit to run the community center.”

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The building brought several entities to visit and explore the options, “We spoke to some of our agencies here, the medical clinic, United Way, Food For The Soul, the arts center, the library, they all did a toured the building and they thought it could provide services twenty-five miles away.”

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Donny Supplee of United Way of Kershaw County is one of those people who came to see what the building offered: “A group of people who really care about this community and want to make a difference, so I agreed and we wanted to help as well.”

Gardner hopes the process will begin soon, “Hopefully we can start it once everything is transferred.”


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