Montford Middle School puts gender and sexuality campaign on hiatus – Tallahassee Reports



Tallahassee Reports has received information from parents and teachers about an email sent to teachers in Montford asking them to display a “safe space symbol” in their classrooms. TR has been informed that the email was sent by the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) club sponsor.

After contacting the school officials on the specifics related to LGBTQIA + awareness campaignTallahassee Reports was informed by Principal Lewis Blessing that the campaign had been suspended while the situation was reviewed.

An image of the flyer is provided below.

The request stated, in part, “Anyone may display a safe space symbol to show their alliance with the LGBTQ community and promote LGBTQ visibility.”

TR has learned that the symbols are currently displayed in some Montford classrooms.

Blessing told TR that the leaflet “was sent out before school staff could comment on the matter, so for now we are putting this on hold for further discussion.”

Parents who contacted TR were concerned about the relevance of the message in a middle school class.

In addition, teachers expressed concern about the conclusions students reached when they noticed that some classrooms were flying the flag and others were not.

TR asked Blessing if there was a school policy related to promoting social issues within the college.

Blessing answered the question by saying, “We have no school policy related to the promotion of social issues. We have a committee made up of teachers and support staff who represent all areas of the school where items of academic significance are discussed and voted on. Any faculty or staff member can bring issues to this committee.

TR has also submitted questions related to this issue to the Leon County Schools District Office.



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