Missouri School District Brings Back Strawberry Milk After Student Petition | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV


ANDERSON, Mo. – Students at Anderson Elementary School have raised their voices for change – with a unique petition campaign.

Until the start of the school year a few weeks ago, they could only choose between plain milk and chocolate milk for lunch.

But that changed this morning when their beloved strawberry milk made its triumphant return.

And not just in their school, but in the ten schools in the district.

Fourth-grader Esteban Perez, who came up with the idea, says he couldn’t be happier.

Classmate Bre Shoemaker was happy to help by starting the petition that led to the change.

“It tastes like strawberries, like I love strawberries and I love milk so when they combine it it’s just amazing, two, two, two things that I love is, two things that I love they are combined together I just live them, ”said Perez.

“I asked him at lunch if I could join him, and he said yes, so I started to help him, took a piece of paper, put in a few words and just asked. to a few random kids and they signed it, ”Shoemaker said.

“Technically all of these people right behind me helped accomplish all of this and I was very grateful,” Perez said.

Each fourth grade student received a carton of strawberry milk and cookies to mark today’s event.

And why did these events take place on September 29? This coincides with “World School Milk Day”.


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