Miami-Dade School District to Change Quarantine Period for High School Students and Teachers


MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Florida – Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho announced Friday that the Miami-Dade School District will change quarantine protocols for high school students and teachers.

The school district will officially change its mandatory quarantine period after a positive COVID-19 test from 10 days to five days. If your test is negative after the fifth day, students can return to school

However, this change only applies to teachers and high school students.

Effective Monday September 20: If a student has a negative result on or after the 5th day, they can return to class. This change does not apply to secondary or elementary students.

There will be no flexibility for secondary and primary students due to vaccine requirements.

Carvalho says the district will continue to monitor this for high school and elementary school students, and hinted at easing the requirements later, but only with the approval of districts and medical experts.

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Before movements can be made, the cases per 100,000 must fall below 100. At present, that number stands at 333.

Carvalho reiterated the masks will stay in place, but that could be relaxed down the line.

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