McDonald County School District Chicken Patty Wednesday Tradition


PINEVILLE – “Chicken Patty Wednesday” has become a staple in McDonald County School District R-1, dating back to “before anyone could remember” and becoming a weekly student favorite.

The meal, which consists of a chicken patty, a homemade bun, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a fruit or vegetable is a favorite in county schools, with 1,885 chicken patty meals served to students last week alone.

Janie Daugherty, director of nutrition services for the school district, said Chicken Patty Wednesday started over 20 years ago and remains one of the top-rated meals served in the district.

“I know kids love chicken, it’s the one thing on our menu, always, that kids choose,” Daugherty said.

Daugherty said Chicken Patty Wednesdays started in McDonald County before Opaa! became the school district‘s food supplier, and the tradition has remained for years.

Daugherty said the love for the midweek meal has been going on for years, Daugherty remembering a song about the beloved meal sent to him by students at Rocky Comfort Elementary School ago. five years.

“It goes all the way to high school,” Daugherty said. Chicken Patty Day at McDonald County High School, and all high schools, is definitely the place where more kids eat than any other day, so it’s not just little kids. “

Misty Haynes, kitchen director at Anderson Elementary School, said Chicken Patty Wednesday shows the most students having their meals on a weekday. Haynes said she typically serves around 330 meals of chicken patties each week, with the second being pizza on Fridays at just 260 meals.

Haynes said the students and staff at Anderson Elementary School love Chicken Patty Wednesdays so much that the kitchen staff always wear their Chicken Patty Wednesday t-shirts.

“We have chicken patty shirts that we wear on Wednesdays,” Haynes said. “It’s always been very popular and I think part of it could be a tradition. Everyone’s parents seem to have had chicken patties at school. It’s a much anticipated meal every week.”

Haynes said the meal has become a tradition for students, staff and many parents across the county.

“You ask any kid in the county, and they’re going to tell you about Chicken Patty on Wednesday,” Haynes said with a laugh.

Photo submitted Photo of Opaa! chicken patty shirts. Misty Haynes and Megan Hare are pictured with their shirts on here.


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