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McCracken County School District employees coordinated an effort to help deliver supplies to areas in need following the December 10 tornado.

People from across the county and state sent supplies to the district, which loaded them onto school buses to be sent to where they could do the most good.

Jayme Jones, the district’s public relations manager, said they had been busy since Sunday.

“We sent four buses to Mayfield full of supplies on Sunday,” she said. “Our last three days of school before the Christmas break, we launched a donation challenge.

“On Monday, we made non-perishable items for the kids. Tuesday we made paper items and Wednesday we made Christmas toys.

More supplies arrived than the district imagined.

“The response has been overwhelming,” Jones said. “We went to all the schools to collect donations, and we had to take extra buses because they were so full.

“With Lone Oak First Baptist, they loaded Christian County with a bus, and then they brought another bus here and we loaded them with a bus. We sent two buses to Christian County, and before we even unload a bus on Tuesday, we sent it straight into Marshall County at Central Elementary.

Another bus was dispatched to the Fulton Independent School District – known locally as Fulton Town Schools – loaded with supplies and toys.

Jones said she just posted a Facebook notice for the supplies, and they kept coming.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” she said. “With four full buses, it was incredible. The community has been amazing.

Jones said the McCracken County District wanted to make sure everyone had what they needed.

“We provide snacks for families staying in hotels in Paducah. “They want to eat right away instead of canned food.

“We sent board games, packs of cards and games for some of the kids because they don’t have anything to keep them entertained at the hotel. We have books and coloring books and everything we have sent to hotels as well.

Jones said the district will take a hiatus and see where the need is next week, given the large amount of supplies coming in from across the state and nation.

“We can also re-evaluate after the holidays, and if there is another need – more water is needed or more paper products are needed – we have that available to send at that time,” he said. she declared.

The school district takes advantage of an empty school building to store supplies. The new Lone Oak Middle School just opened in October, leaving the old building unoccupied until Lone Oak Intermediate students and staff move in.

“I know storage is a problem for a lot of people,” Jones said. “Everyone notices it, but then you say to yourself, ‘What are we doing with all this? So we are in a position where we have a building that we can house.

A bus was sent to Benton Church of Christ on Thursday with toys for the children, and the district sent supplies to Graves County High School for a school event this weekend.

Jones said the district has contacted elementary school communities in Christian County to see what they need.

“We are just trying to get in touch with the people in those areas and get them what they need, if they need it,” she said. “Maybe if it’s not now, we can help in the coming weeks.”

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