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MASSENA – Officials from the central school district of Massena and their architectural firm have started to prioritize the elements of their five-year plan that could be used in future planning for another potential capital project.

“We have completed the stakeholder meetings with the elementary and secondary school. Then it’s going to be junior high, then they’ll prioritize costs for the five-year cycle from 2020 to 2025 and they’ll provide a priority draft at the next facilities committee meeting, ”said Superintendent Patrick Brady.

IBI Group, the neighborhood architectural firm, recently completed a building condition survey which is required every five years.

A building condition survey is required for each occupied teaching building in the district. A five-year plan for the district is completed for future use after their building condition survey has been submitted. This will help identify the physical needs in buildings and the associated costs to resolve those issues.

“Your architects and engineers go out and examine the conditions of all your occupied school buildings. We basically create a report for the state education department that does two things. First, he basically says, “Okay, you’ve done the fieldwork in these buildings and here’s the existing condition to assess health, safety, welfare issues as well as maintenance and management issues. maintenance of your installations. But on top of that, it also forecasts what you envision for future capital projects and how much those projects will cost. So there are really two parts to this, ”IBI Group architect Edward Bernhauer told members of the education council at a previous meeting.

Anything that is deemed unsatisfactory should be addressed in the next capital project.

He said the five-year plan is “kind of a blueprint for the school district. It takes all of this information gathered from the existing building condition survey and organizes it along with the costs. It also foresees how the district would approach the renovations that we have identified that are needed, how would you plan for that over the next five years.

Mr Brady said they had also started organizing visits to each school with members of the education council, starting with Jefferson Elementary School. “We wanted to enter these buildings which are being renovated so that the council members can see the work that is being done,” he said.

Work on the district’s current $ 49.6 million capital project continues, Brady said. The first phase started in the summer of 2020, followed by the second phase last summer. The third phase will take place from summer 2022 to fall 2023.

The architectural review of phase three has been completed by the State Department of Education, and the engineer and project manager reviews are ongoing. District officials plan to launch tenders by the end of December.

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