Major construction underway at local green school district


FURNACE FRANKLIN, Ohio (WSAZ) – Improvements are on the horizon for the local green school district as plans to build a brand new Kindergarten to Grade 12 school become a reality.

“We just haven’t closed our minds, our imaginations and our vision to the university building alone – that’s the most important thing,” said Superintendent Jodi Armstrong.

However, to make all of these changes a reality, the local Green School District says it needs to remove some of the old to bring in the new, which includes demolishing its elementary school.

“We basically have single glazed windows with window air conditioners and a boiler system which gave us some problems. So we have a huge amount of money that goes to the maintenance of these facilities and that is money that could be spent to improve the academic opportunities that we can provide to children, ”Armstrong said.

Once the new school is completed, the original primary school will be demolished and all students will be transferred to learn in the new building.

“The SOMC School Health Center will be attached to an auxiliary gymnasium that will be built right next to our new Kindergarten to Grade 12 school,” Armstrong said.

The district is working with SOMC to provide this school health center, which is also open to the public.

The superintendent says that students who may have a critical emergency requiring a higher level of care than what the school nurse can provide – will have their own access to the health center separate from the public.

It’s a roughly $ 30 million project, however, the state is helping foot a significant portion of the bill.

The district expects construction to be completed by summer 2023. Thus, next school year will be the last full school year in the original buildings for students.

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