LPS creates quarantine learning support for elementary school students


LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – In one week, more than 500 elementary students at Lincoln Public Schools were not in their classrooms. They were stuck at home, with a majority in quarantine due to COVID-19.

The district is implementing a plan to help these students stay on top of their studies while they are away.

The District Quarantine Learning Support is being rolled out in conjunction with the Superintendent, Dr. Steve Joel, instructors and the Lincoln Education Association.

LPS selected 24 primary school teachers, teaching math and reading. Each day, these teachers will record their lessons in person. These videos will then be edited and uploaded for families to access online. At the moment, LPS is working on the purchase of special cameras that will be installed in the ceilings of these 24 classrooms.

The district plans to launch this new program in the second quarter.

“We have heard many of our families worry about their child being left out for an extended period of time and about the learning they will miss. We have heard from our teachers and administrators. They are concerned about the students, ”said Gena Licata, elementary education director for Lincoln Public Schools.

These teachers are currently undergoing training to make sure their lessons are clear to students and families. LPS said the district is funding this support program with additional funds from the Federal Cares Act.

LPS said they will have technical support for families with problems available both at individual schools and at the district office. The district has decided to pay these 24 teachers an additional allowance to help the students in quarantine.

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