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Students at Lone Oak Middle School will be treated to a treat later next week when they tour the new Lone Oak Middle School building on Bleich Street as the $ 38 million project draws to a close.

Since the time Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects received the construction offer on May 8, 2018, stakeholders in the McCracken County School District have been eagerly awaiting the opening of the state-of-the-art educational building just off Lone Oak Road and next to Hendron – Lone Oak Elementary School.

Sixth graders will get their first glimpse of the new building when they review their class schedules on Tuesday. The seventh students will follow on Wednesday and the eighth students will have their rounds on Thursday.

“As part of the transition plan, we’re going to bring a grade level for a day and let them go through their schedules and transition times and see where all their classes are and set them up,” the superintendent said. from McCracken County, Steve. Carter. “It’s going to be a bit hectic, but we didn’t want to delay any longer.

“Our teachers and staff – everyone kind of stepped up and took extra time to get there.”

Lone Oak Middle School will not have classes on October 25, allowing teachers to make last-minute adjustments to their classrooms in the new building. The first day of classes in the new building will be October 26.

“We’re very excited to get close to the point to enter,” Carter said. “It’s very enjoyable and it will benefit our students extremely well.

“Some of the outdoor spaces are for district-wide facilities and programs, and we’re excited for the opportunity to allow our kids to actually use it. “

The building was originally scheduled to be completed in May, with classes starting in August, but a number of issues have delayed construction.

“Part of the problem was with supply issues,” Carter said. “Some were due to natural construction delays like the weather. There were a number of things that caused this, and some of them – like when you’re building a new house and setting a date, that original date is very rarely met.

The two-story building has several 21st-century amenities, including a library and media center with a conference room and sockets for several different devices.

The “noise” side includes the music and choir rooms, the cafeteria and the gymnasium opposite the side where the classes will meet.

The construction of the school football and soccer field is still in progress, but the school gymnasium is almost ready for the basketball competition.

Lone Oak Middle School students will begin classes in the new building on Bleich Street on October 26.

The transition of students from Lone Oak Middle School to the new building is part of a long-term plan for the school district. Eventually, Lone Oak Intermediate students will move to the current Lone Oak Middle School building and the district offices will move from its location next to Reidland Middle School to the current Lone Oak Intermediate School building.

“The current Lone Oak Middle School building – the old Lone Oak High School building – will need to undergo renovations that will allow Lone Oak Intermediate students to fit in comfortably,” Carter said. “These are fourth and fifth graders, and it was designed for the taller students, so there will need to be some tweaking there and throughout the district as well.

“When the board office moves to the old Lone Oak Intermediate, we gain classroom space for Reidland Middle School and Reidland Intermediate School. There are a lot of dominoes to potentially fall. The timing, everything going through, the finances – it all plays into how quickly these things can happen. We want to make sure that this is a very intentional process that is not interrupted. “

Carter said much of the next steps will likely take place over the summer.


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