Little Rock elementary school teacher charged with attempting to assault student | KLRT


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A father accuses an elementary school teacher in the Little Rock School District of using foul language and attempting to assault his student at Martin Luther King Elementary School.

Stan Lacefield has filed a police report against the teacher and hopes the Pulaski County District Attorney’s Office will press charges, saying of the teacher that

He “doesn’t think she’s safe with kids at all.”

Lacefield was told about what happened with his daughter Kiley Lacefield by fellow parent Jeff Hood who said he was picking up his son from school and claimed the incident happened in the school playground.

“I appreciate that he’s coming forward because other parents need to know that things like this are happening at school, and they should believe their kids and follow up and investigate,” Lacefield said of Hood.

The police report says a fight broke out between Kiley and another student on Wednesday, March 16. After the fight broke up, the police report said Kiley swore at the teacher, leading her to become furious. The report then noted that Hood said the teacher tried to grab Kiley while using swear words and threatening to pull the girl’s hair.

“When I saw her go after Kiley when I saw her screaming, ‘I’m going to rip your fucking pigtails out,’ I knew I couldn’t let that go,” Hood said during a Wednesday morning press conference. in front of the Pulaski County District Attorney’s Office.

Kiley, who was also at the press conference, said it wasn’t her first negative experience with the teacher. As for Lacefield, he is frustrated with the response from LRSD leaders, noting that he “didn’t feel comfortable with the teacher being at school the next day” and that “she was still authorized to work Thursday and Friday”.

As a parent, Hood said he was angry because “this teacher is always treated like nothing happened.”

LRSD Superintendent Michael Poore said a team investigated the issue late last week but he was unsure of the findings. He said he would follow up when LRSD staff returned from spring break.


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