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This letter to the editor refers to “In the Name of Education” written by Penny Pawl (published March 10 in the Napa Valley Register). You are right to ask what you were wondering: “Why is a group of parents so keen on establishing a private school”, but you have really answered your own question!

This group of parents supporting the Mayacamas Charter Middle School is not trying to create a private school. Mayacamas Charter Middle School will be a small, caring charter college. It will be funded by the Napa Valley Unified School District – which is why NVUSD is fighting to prevent its creation. This parent group sees the need for a school similar to River Middle School (also an NVUSD charter school) which was phased out by NVUSD after 27 years of educational excellence to pave the way for Unidos Middle School, a dual school immersion.

Hope this clarifies what you were wondering.

On “NCOE should not reverse charter decision” written by Clare Crawford, also published on March 10: River Middle School has not been closed. It was closed and set aside to make way for the Unidos college. NVUSD does not save money by closing River. It’s the same school, just reassigned. I doubt the Napa County Office of Education specifically instructed NVUSD to shut down River – a small school environment…that a small school environment is not suitable for many high school students.

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I encourage all supporters of Mayacamas Charter Middle School to call in to the meeting to be held on Tuesday, March 15. Just go to the NCOE website under School Board Meetings – it will tell you how to call. There will be a large number of uninformed people calling against Mayacamas. Please call to show your support. This NCOE decision must be based on facts, not politics, power and bias!

Thanks for listening – fingers crossed for Mayacamas Tuesday night!


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