LCA Sends EC Glass to Claim Seminole District Title | High school



White tied the score at 14 midway through the second quarter when he dropped a 38-yard bomb at Lyvarius Gilbert. Gilbert (the team’s best 72 yards receiving) chipped in a 1 yard pass on Glass’s first possession in the third quarter to bring the Hilltoppers down to seven, 28-21.

“We were sniffing, we were there,” Glass coach Jeff Woody said of the return bid. “We just didn’t take the opportunity.”

It was a sign that Glass wasn’t going to fade away quietly into the cold night. Graves, who later recovered another LCA fumble, started the third quarter with a 52-yard breakaway and nearly scored on the play. He finished with 54 receiving yards and 79 rushing.

“It was air combat, that’s how the game was, honestly,” Graves said. “They swung, we swung, and they got the last punch to the chin at the end.… I knew we needed a spark [to start the third quarter]. I asked Woody to give me the ball and he trusted me. He gave me the ball and I tried to do my best. “

For LCA, Lane completed 7 of 11 passes for 107 yards, rushed for 69 extra yards and scored twice, on runs of 16 and 11 yards at the end of the second quarter. LCA coach Frank Rocco said his team stayed the course when Glass moved closer to the seven.

“They are a good team,” he said. “They’ll keep fighting, but we’re going to keep fighting. Our kids never gave up. They could have been shaken up and let the momentum go the other way. We never let that happen.”



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