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Elementary school teacher accused of sexually assaulting student

According to KSDK 5, a former teacher has been charged with assaulting a student while employed as a teacher’s aide at Lusher Elementary School located at 2015 Mullanphy Rd, Florissant, MO 63031.

The Florissant Police Department revealed that the grade 2 victim accused Deonte Taylor, 38, of sexual assault in 2015. The victim explained at the time that the abuse occurred when Taylor released the child of the class during school hours. Not only did the victim report the abuse to the police, but also to school officials.

Taylor served as a teacher at Walnut Grove Elementary School in 2018. The school reports that it was not made aware of the old school’s allegation, although the Hazelwood School District has claimed to have followed all state and federal requirements for reporting abuse.

In November 2018, Taylor was arrested for this incident. Following the student’s outburst in the classroom, the investigation began almost three years later. Police managed to match Tayor’s DNA with samples taken from the victim’s body and underwear. He was charged with sodomy.

While in prison awaiting trial, Taylor reportedly hired his 68-year-old prison boyfriend to kill both the victim and his family. Taylor offered the sum of $ 20,000 for the alleged conspiracy to commit the murders. However, the boyfriend had reservations due to the near age of his own child and turned to the police as an informant. Taylor now faces charges of sodomy, conspiracy to murder and recklessly risk infecting another person with HIV. His trial is expected to take place later this year.

Legal Options for Victims of Teacher Sexual Assault

Associate lawyer Reed Martin, an experienced lawyer in the area of ​​sexual abuse, represents victims of sexual abuse in civil proceedings. We asked Reed to give us an overview of legal options for victims of teacher sexual abuse to help them understand their rights.

“Schools are legally obligated to do everything in their power to maintain a safe learning environment for their students and teachers. Parents believe that when they send their children to school, all teachers and staff provide them with safety and protection. Unfortunately, sexual predators can gain positions in the school system, giving them access to students. Individual schools and the school district must implement safety measures to ensure the safety of their students. Examples of such security measures may include background checks, cameras, reporting systems, etc.

“If a school does not provide adequate security for students, the school can be held responsible for any misconduct. In this case, victims and their families should seek the services of an experienced sexual assault lawyer to better understand their legal options. Often times, sexual abuse cases involve negligence on the part of a third party, such as an employer. An example of negligence would be if the misconduct was reported, but officials failed to investigate. In cases of negligence, victims and their families should be aware that they may have grounds for civil action and could receive compensation for the damage. “





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